BC 0668 AAA 15528673

Here is a little about our bulls being offered. 

They go back to Shoshone and Wye as well as a few others.  We set out for a 2.5 to 3.5 pound daily gain and they were spot on.  I believe in developing them slow so they stand up for the customer.  Take a look at some of these genetics if you haven't already, I believe they are a game changer in developing some great bulls.  Don't be afraid of EPD's.  Our numbers are actual and not altered like some of the cattle offered in todays market.  These bulls will perform.

  All bulls come with a one year breeding guarantee and will be tested. 

* Our bulls are raised with contact from multiple people, kids, and dogs, but keep in mind we will not be responsible for accidents. 

Thanks Brossart Angus

Herd Pictures 

​​​​Brossart Angus

Pictures coming soon of yearling and 2 year old bulls that will be offered in 2019!

19T AAA 17216105

​Sires from our bulls are:

Hyland Brando AAA 17703632

Hyland Black Cap 1213 AAA 17410446

​Levite of Volga 1230 AAA 17403774

Hyland Alex 1450 AAA 17983248

​BAF Blackcap Volga 240 AAA 18377942

SCC B426-814 of 808 AAA 18413972

​SVR Revolution 4173 AAA 18317665