​​​​Brossart Angus

Sale Day will be February 29th noon-2:20pm @ Brossart Angus

Pictures coming soon of 2 year old bulls that will be offered in 2020

Welcome to the 2020 lineup of Brossart Angus bulls.  This year we decided to put less into books and registration as most of my customers are commercial producers.  We will offer that savings to you and start the bulls out at $2200 this year instead of $2500.  If you want papers that can be arranged.  We will have bidding the same as previous years with silent bids.  Bulls will come with a 1 year breeding guarantee and free feeding until April 1st or longer if need be.  Bulls can be viewed the week before the sale by appointment if you are unable to make the sale.  The bulls will be penned up the day of the sale also for viewing.  This is a great set of bulls and they will cover many ladies with ease.  We believe in feeding them right as to not hide any flaws behind fat.  I raise these bulls as if they were to be used on my own herd.  We breed them to be good instead of feed them to look good.  Thanks to everyone for their support of our program and hope to see you all on the 29th. 

Thanks Brossart Angus

Reference Sires

92 Z LSF Marshall 15 AAA 17958954 (5 son's sell)

BAF 240 Blackcap Volga AAA 18377942 (4 son's sell)

97R DDA Alhabasca 50H AAA 18195473 (5 son's sell)

B426-814 of 808 AAA 18413972 (3 son's sell)

40 Jad Phoenix cs112 AAA18406159 (2 son's sell)

426 Wye O Mr 307 296 426 AAA 18086642 (1 son sells)